Sunday, March 14, 2010

A few comments on size

We get a lot of questions about sizes for the beanies - the short answer is that all sizes are typically helpful. Aiming for large premie sizes or small newborn sizes is probably a good guideline. The nurses in maternity recently gave me these photos as a guide. The pen is there for scale - the hats in the first photo are a bit too small for the average baby, and the pink hat in the second photo is a good estimate for the size of the average newborn at Butaro Hospital. But that's just an estimate for the average - all the sizes we are receiving are being used!

An update

Hello from Burera! I've been in Rwanda for the past few months, where a parade of warm and happy babies are emerging from the maternity ward! This project is successfully outfitting every newborn at Butaro Hospital with a homemade beanie... over 100 per month! In fact, we've begun sending some of the beanies out to the health centers. With 400,000 inhabitants and 13 health centers, the district of Burera is one of the biggest (and coldest!) in Rwanda. We are right in the thick of the cold and rainy season right now, so your efforts are invaluable in keeping these little guys warm. Here's a few photos of your work in action.