Thursday, November 26, 2009

Much to give thanks for today!

Happy Thanksgiving HotHeads Knitters! There is much to give thanks for this year in Burera, Rwanda - the new hospital is undergoing quick construction, the staff is working hard to bring quality healthcare to the poor community, and... every single newborn is being outfitted with a warm beanie as they come into the world! (1 day old Alexi is posted above) More than a hundred babies a month are sporting your beanies, and we want you to know that there are many many thankful moms and dads for your hard work! As I write this in Boston, the weather outside is drizzly and cold, reminiscent of the chilly hills in Burera. No indoor heating in Burera though, and your knitting projects have been crucial to keeping these babies warm. We all want to send you a warm and heartfelt thanks this Thanksgiving for your generous and helpful contributions! Below are some of the thankful parents and little ones.
Illuminee, just 4 hours after being born, with her mom Claudine

Baby Isador

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